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If you have any feedback on the draft of our community rules, now is the time to get that to us. We'll be enacting the rules at midnight GMT, 7 pm EST tonight.

Tomorrow (Monday) morning I'm going to post our first off topic chat posts using one of the great opening questions [personal profile] trinker suggested. I look forward to seeing you, and getting to know more of you there!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.
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I have to begin by saying that I didn't know [personal profile] skywardprodigal, except by the tangential ways that fans make each other known on LJ and DW. I've seen her comments and her commentary, read a few of her posts, and learned both directly and indirectly from her words.

[personal profile] spiralsheep has a memoriam post here where she has asked other people to leave links.

Reading over her posts I'm remembering her anger at injustice, and her activism, but the link I'd like to leave here is to her post about creating a place to post images of beautiful, non-mainstream-white people, and a to The Dailies--in her words, "an index of pictures of poc I found gorgeous." She also created the community [community profile] multibeautiful, among others.

Go in peace, [personal profile] skywardprodigal, and thank you.
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First off: since I'm bumping it off the top of the page, everyone take a second and go share some links at the Resource Roundup post that [personal profile] elf kindly made for us! We're hoping to develop those resources into linkspams about various topics, so that in future, we can point to other people's words and not just rely on our own.

As we've had the first couple posts in the community, [personal profile] laughingmedusa and I have been talking a lot (and talking with some of you) about what direction the community ought to go. As some of you may know, the community was started based on several incidents in the feminist blogosphere, wherein it seemed like all possibility of constructive discussion was destroyed because of the huge numbers of people getting involved - people who didn't know each other at all, and therefore didn't share anything or feel any accountability to each other about their actions.

That was the rationale behind creating a small community, really more of a discussion group: the idea that, if everybody has a chance to get to know each other, civil discourse will be easier, even when we are angry and frustrated and ready to snap. But almost immediately, the comm got much bigger than we had expected. We should have known better - in retrospect, we should have realized how many people from our flists and drolls would be interested, how few friends we actually shared in common, and how quickly things were going to snowball. Most of all, we should have workshopped the rules and profile info more carefully. But at the beginning, it looked like it was going to be me, [personal profile] laughingmedusa, [personal profile] verity, [personal profile] jlh, and maybe five or six other people - so it seemed like we'd have plenty of time to discuss the rules later, and it seemed like surely we would share so much knowledge and awareness of each other that we wouldn't need to explain ourselves too thoroughly.

Obviously, our assumptions were wrong. Now we need to actually, you know, define what the hell we're doing, since it obviously isn't what we initially set out to do.

As a result, we've decided that, as of noon EST tomorrow (13 October), we are going to close membership to this community. The goal will be to allow people who are currently members to get to know each other without adding new folks - limiting our growth so that we can begin to understand each other and build up trust. It would be foolish to try and kick anybody off, and we don't want to, anyway: everyone who is here, we think can and should be an excellent member of the group.

This is not a step we take lightly. Obviously, there are costs to it: the primary one is that the group will remain more or less at its current demographics, which are fairly white and cis and USian. But, [personal profile] laughingmedusa and I have agreed that it's the only way to get some amount of stability while we determine what the hell is going on. We will probably allow people to join again at some point in the fairly near future; we just need to give everyone a chance to take a breath, learn some names, learn some usericons, and figure out who's interested in and able to speak to what.

We also would like current members' opinions on what our rules, now that we're formally writing them, should be. Fuzzy statements like "give people the benefit of the doubt" need to be clarified, because the audience is no longer the ten people who have been following the situation all the way. We also need to decide on some pretty important things. For instance: Are we interested in using private posts sometimes, that only community members can see? (Benefit: people who are in the closet or uncomfortable talking about personal matters can discuss these issues with the community without fear. Cost: Further locking down, people who are not members of the now-not-open community cannot possibly get access to the posts to give their perspective, which might be sorely needed.) Or, are we interested in engaging in discussions about what some people might call '101-level' anti-racism etc? (Benefit: People who are tired of having those discussions don't have to have them; people who have too few spoons to deal with it don't have to deal with it. Cost: Some people can no longer take an active part in the group, even though they may be awesome people who just have not ever encountered this stuff before.) I'll put my own perspectives in a comment to this post, and so will [personal profile] laughingmedusa, but we want to know what you think, too. If this comm is going to work, all members need to buy into the premises.

So: What are your thoughts? What should our rules be, and where do we go from here? (And our private inboxes are also open, if you would prefer to talk that way.)

[Co-signed, [personal profile] flourish and [personal profile] laughingmedusa.]
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Hi everyone! My grandmother Selma James is the founder of the International Wages for Housework Campaign and the Global Women's Strike, and my mother Margaret Prescod is a US Coordinator for both campaigns. My father (Selma's son) is also involved, but not as a full time thing like it is for my mom.

In 1971, just before IWH was founded, Selma made a video about women doing housework and raising children that is now posted on the BBC website:

For context, here's an article about valuing unwaged housework:

[personal profile] flourish suggested that I post it so that we can participate in a discussion about it. Watching it, I see a lot of things that I think Selma would be critical of now. But anyway, I'm interested to hear other people's reactions.
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If you'd like to join the community, go ahead and click 'join' in the profile. We'll accept you, or if not, explain to you why and ask you to stick around and comment and generally get to know everyone. You don't need to stand on ceremony and just subscribe to read it, if you would like to also have the ability to make top-level posts.

The profile will be edited to reflect this.


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