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Name:laughing medusa
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Community description:feminism, intersectionality, racism, classism, ableism, -isms, gender, sex, weebles
Community Aim

To be a diverse, slow growing community including people on multiple axes of oppression and their allies who engage in interesting and illuminating discussions about feminism and intersectionality. The Internet is not a safe space and we cannot guarantee this will be a 100% safe space for members, but we will do our best to keep drama to a minimum and to foster a positive atmosphere that furthers sincere discourse.

Our rules and membership guidelines are here.

We keep track of blogs, essays, and websites we consider good resources at delicious.

Our community name comes from the 1976 Helene Cixous article "The Laugh of the Medusa."

"You only have to look at the Medusa straight on to see her. And she's not deadly. She's beautiful and laughing."

If you have any questions please contact the mods
[personal profile] flourish: flourish at blotts dot org Our thanks to founding mod Flourish, who has since stepped down.
[personal profile] imaginarycircus/[personal profile] laughingmedusa: circus at gmail dot com
[personal profile] trinker: contact via DW private messaging
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